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Christophe December 4, 2021

When talking about spyware, we mentioned how in some cases, it might log your keystrokes. More specifically, this is referred to as keylogging.

Keyloggers are a form of spyware designed to record what users type on their keyboards. When used maliciously, they can record credit card, password, or other sensitive information.

However, keyloggers are not always illegal or “malicious.” Some corporations may use spyware and keyloggers to monitor employee activity. Or, some parents may install keyloggers on their children’s devices to again monitor their activity. The legality of this depends on multiple factors, but usually, organizations are required to disclose to their employees that they will be using this type of software.

Whenever keyloggers are installed on your devices without your knowledge or consent, that’s usually when keyloggers become malicious — regardless of what types of information they collect and send back to a remote server.

How do you prevent keyloggers?

To prevent keyloggers, you would use similar approaches to preventing spyware and other types of malware.


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