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Build AWS cloud security skills

Develop deep AWS security expertise and production-ready skills with our hands-on training

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Learn AWS Cloud Security

Learn practical AWS security: Infrastructure, IAM, Data, Logging & Monitoring, Incident Response, and Multi-Account Strategies


Learn how to secure your cloud resources with AWS’ most important security services. Designed to be practical, this course provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to protect AWS environments and resources from today’s most common threats.

Hands-On Labs

From CTF-style labs to teaching labs, jump into the AWS console or CLI to learn how to attack and defend real AWS resources using our environments so you never have to worry about costs or risks.



Learn hands-on how to exploit AWS cloud misconfigurations and build practical skills with step-by-step walkthroughs, labs, and CTFs. This course teaches how to use ChatGPT, Pacu, CloudGoat, and the AWS CLI, for offensive security. 

Learn By Doing with 🧪 Hands-On Labs

1-click deploy hands-on labs to build practical blue or red team skills in real AWS environments

Get CompTIA Security+ Certified

We've helped tens of thousands get IT certified and land jobs. Are you next?


Get ready to pass the Security+ exam with our high-quality course. Learn with a combination of 4k videos, text lessons, and engaging delivery

Practice Exams

We created realistic simulations of what you can expect to see on the exam with a combination of Performance-Based Questions (PBQs) and Multiple Choice Q&A.


Prefer a written study guide? We got you. Use our Ebook series for the Security+ (5 in total) to prepare for the exam and actually remember what you’ve learned. 

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Cloud and hybrid environments are the future of IT. If you’re not developing cloud security skills, you’re going to get left behind. If you do learn it, you can stand out from other job candidates. Let’s get you learning about cloud security.

Learn fundamental knowledge and skills that you will need throughout your cybersecurity career, regardless of what path you choose.

Learn how to exploit some of the most important web and networking-based vulnerabilities. Our training doesn’t gloss over details. When we perform an exploit, we explain exactly how it works.

Most of us aren’t taught security when learning how to build apps. Let’s change that, and make our applications more secure.

Learn how to both protect and exploit networks.

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"I have to say that these are the most thorough, comprehensive and well-structured courses of study that I have found. Ever. And over the course of the last 3-4 years, I have wasted a lot of money on online courses that turned out to be nothing more than rudimentary demos of this, that, or the other ‘hacking’ technique. Pro Tip: If the course title is something along the lines of ‘Ethical Hacking, The Complete Course’, stay away. Anybody can put together a set of videos and call it a course. But it is rare to find a true subject matter expert who is also a good instructor. And even rarer is it possible to find that combination with a well-structured course of instruction. Such are your courses."
tom Derenthal Cybr Testimonial
Tom Derenthal
Cybersecurity Analyst
"That was the absolute coolest thing I have done in a while"
Eric Gimbel
Pentester at Tyler Technologies
"This course is so well made. I'm hooked...binge learning SQL injection attacks"
Kripa R.
Cybr student (Injection Attacks)
"Learned about the really useful tools that are out there to strategically incorporate security into web and mobile applications from the very beginning and throughout the SDLC and also how to effectively assess and act on the state of existing applications. I can definitely see myself continuously referring back to these lessons in the future."
Bushra K.
Cybr student (Intro to AppSec)
"This course [IAM Privilege Escalation] not only taught me how to think like an attacker, but also how easy it is to escalate privileges if excessive IAM permissions are present in the cloud. I honestly loved it and recommend it 100%!"
Mariana Arce Aguilar testimonial
Mariana Arce Aguilar
Cybersecurity Engineer

Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start or go next?

Cybersecurity is an overwhelming field, which is why we’re building a community where everyone is welcome. We structure our online resources so that you can learn step-by-step, and we’re here to help you get started and stay on track.

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