About Cybr

Cybersecurity, the way it was meant to be learned.

Cybr was founded on the belief that anyone who wants to can learn cybersecurity.

We are building a diverse and inclusive community comprised of enthusiasts, practitioners, educators and students who share our passion and mission for helping others succeed in cybersecurity! Together, we’ll create a repository of instructional materials to provide informative, educational and affordable training focused on essential and in-demand cybersecurity skills. 

We aim to help provide the type of personalized support that others need to succeed in starting or advancing their cybersecurity careers. As a result of our active efforts to help prepare more people for entry-level cybersecurity roles, we’re expanding the community of cybersecurity professionals who want to help keep our citizens, communities, corporations and country’s critical infrastructure safe.

If you’re just getting started, join us and we’ll help you on your cybersec career journey. If you’re an experienced practitioner, join us in helping to educate, inspire and mentor others.

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Who We Are

Some of us are content creators, technologists and educators, while others are parents, students, mentors or IT enthusiasts.

What do we all have in common? 

A shared passion for helping others succeed and the desire to
help make the internet safer for everyone.


Cybr Students



Christophe Limpalair

Following his move from France to the U.S., Christophe fell in love with technology at the age of 11 when he wrote his first lines of code. He spent the next few years building applications, saw the rise of cloud computing, and jumped feet-first into that AWSome world. After his journey of building two successful IT businesses to acquisition in the span of six years, he realized that most struggle with building secure software, so he launched Cybr and created its first course: “Introduction to Application Security.”

Christophe Limpalair

Content Author

I am a mom, wife, Texan, Aggie, volunteer, collaborator, over-communicator and “safety freak” who excels in enabling the success of others. I’ve worked in IT Services for 23 years for great companies like EDS, HP and Linux Academy. I’ve been privileged to work with great leaders and teams in my roles in Service Delivery, Corporate Communications, Training, Sales Enablement, Product Marketing, Product Management, Business Development, Strategic Sales, Account Management and most recently leading Customer Success. When it was time to do something new, our country was hit with the Covid crisis, and I decided that my time and skills should be devoted to things that make a meaningful and lasting contribution to society!  I’m committed to creating a diverse and inclusive online community and ecosystem that HELPS OTHERS SUCCEED IN CYBERSECURITY!  Cybersecurity is a “team sport”!  We all have a shared responsibility and part to play.  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others, while we make our increasingly digital world a safer place for everyone!

Shawna Rudd