Beginner’s Guide to AWS CloudTrail for Security

Get started with AWS CloudTrail: one of the most important security services that AWS offers. While the CloudTrail service is enabled by default when you create an AWS account, it's enabled with limited functionality that can leave you blind and can hinder your ability to investigate security incidents. For example, there's a very big difference between Management Events, Data Events, and Insights Events, and only one of those is enabled by default. This course will teach you those differences and the 3 main ways that CloudTrail records data so that you can make an informed decision about what you or your organization needs.

After covering important concepts, we'll jump in hands-on and learn how to use CloudTrail's Event History, how to create your first trail, how to enable notifications with CloudWatch and SNS, how to use CloudTrail Insights, and how to work with CloudTrail Lake.

Finally, you will learn how to secure your CloudTrail trails and log files with best practices using IAM, log file integrity, encryption, and the Security Hub Controls checklist.

Whenever someone wants to get started with AWS security, coupled with our Introduction to AWS Security course, we highly recommend starting with this course and understanding CloudTrail. This service gives you visibility into your AWS environments, and without visibility, you do not have security.

Christophe · November 5, 2023