Introduction to AWS Security

Learn how to secure your cloud infrastructure with one of our best-selling courses: Introduction to AWS Security. Designed for AWS security beginners (but not complete beginners to AWS), this training course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to protect your AWS environments and resources from all sorts of threats.

Led by industry experts with extensive experience in AWS security, this course offers a deep dive into the fundamental concepts and best practices for securing cloud infrastructure in Amazon Web Services. You'll gain a solid understanding of Identity and Access Management (IAM), data access control and encryption (including securing S3), network and infrastructure security, and monitoring & logging.

Our interactive learning approach combines comprehensive lessons, interactive diagrams, and hands-on lab 🧪 exercises as well as challenges to help you both grasp security concepts and know how to apply them in real-world scenarios. You'll have the opportunity to reinforce your learning and gain hands-on experience configuring security measures directly in the AWS Management Console.

Upon completion, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate can be added to LinkedIn and can serve as a valuable asset when showcasing your skills to potential employers or clients.

Enroll in our Introduction to AWS Security course today and gain the knowledge and confidence to start protecting your AWS environment effectively!

Christophe · June 28, 2023

What makes this course different

💎 Production quality: We’ve been developing cloud and security training material for over 7 years and have taught hundreds of thousands of IT professionals all the way from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Our production quality is top-notch and not only reflects expert experience but focuses on building practical skills with interactive diagrams, realistic lab scenarios, and other interactive elements.

🛠️ Interactive Diagrams: Concepts can be really boring to learn, especially when it’s just someone reading slides. That’s not what you get from this course. We’ve developed interactive diagrams that you can interact with as you’re learning. That way, as we’re discussing concepts or as we’re deploying resources in the AWS cloud, you can visualize exactly what’s going on side-by-side.

🗺️ Scenario-based: From the very beginning of the course, we set up a realistic and sample AWS multi-tier architecture, which we then evaluate from a security perspective to understand potential attack vectors. The rest of the course centers around this architecture and those security concerns so that we can learn how to properly defend our AWS resources, just as we would on the job as cloud security professionals.

🧪 Hands-On and Lab-based: Every practical step we take in the course can be completed in your very own AWS account, and we will be adding actual lab scenarios for you to complete. Most if not all of them can be done for free using the AWS free tier. We inform you beforehand if there are any resources that will cost money so you can decide whether you want to complete those labs/steps or not.

About the authors

This course was created, developed, and published in collaboration between Konstantinos Papapanagiotou and Christophe Limpalair.

Kostas is a Cyber Security Consultant with over 19 years of security and IT consulting and research experience. He’s also been a volunteer for the OWASP nonprofit organization for over 17 years and is an OWASP Chapter Leader in Greece.

Christophe is the founder and an author at Cybr, where he’s published many courses on topics of ethical hacking. You may also know him from Linux Academy / ACloudGuru, where he taught multiple AWS courses including associate and professional-level AWS certification courses, and helped tens of thousands of learners get certified. He also helped pioneer, develop, maintain, and secure Linux Academy’s cloud Hands-On Labs and Assessments technology which ran as a $1m budget on AWS.

Between Kostas and Christophe, the authors have years of experience working in AWS and building as well as securing production environments. They share that experience in this course to help you get started learning how to secure AWS resources and environments.


Last update: June 2024

Course Content


Infrastructure Security
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Data Protection
Amazon S3 Bucket Protection
Logging, Monitoring, and Incident Response
Multi-Account Security
Wrap-up and Key Takeaways

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