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CompTIA Security+ SY0-601

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"This course stands out from the others! The presentations were AWESOME! Short blast presentations help support and retain the course content that was instructed. Very impressed and grateful to Christophe for adding information related to his experience for success, study tip and tools, etc., prior to staring this journey. Also, I actually used the Pomodoro timer which in my case, was a benefit to both keep me on task, and to better enhance my time management for learning and retaining the material. Great job Cybr!!!!!!"
Joseph Berru
Law Enforcement, Investigator

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Cybr's CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Course


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"Passed the Sec+ 🥳. I really wish I found it sooner. I was running out of time and struggling on a few topics that were explained WAY better in this course. The diagrams are super useful for visual learners like myself and each topic is explained way better. Several things I didn't even see in other courses. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't score high but it was the last week of studying and I found Cybr. I was able to focus on the topics I knew I was struggling on due to the lack of coverage in other options I tried. I'm still going to complete the course in its entirety and I'm excited to explore the other courses available! Seriously, thank you for your commitment in making and maintaining the course. It's very well done."
Chris testimonial
Cyber Security Analyst
"There are many courses out there, but yours is the best for Security+, and others too! I really like your way of communication: precise, and accurate. Exactly, just what the consumer needs. Also, I enjoyed your illustrations a lot through out the course as illustrations made it a lot easier for me to understand the different topics. I love your platform, and I will always highly recommend your Security+ course, and other courses in general."
Cybr Security+ testimonial from Malik Muhammad
Malik Muhammad Ijlal Raza
Cyber Security Analyst
"Professor messor is overrated, you are way better and know what you are talking about! After first few courses, I’m already in awe of your teaching style!!! Please keep going 🔥🔥. Instructor Christophe explanations are exceptionally clear. He definitely deserves more recognition!
Cybr Security+ Testimonial from Lixin Zhang
Lixin Zhang
Cybersecurity Student
I enjoyed the material. It helped me get my first job as a Cyber Security Analyst when I talked enthusiastically about topics I learned from your course. Your course also played a big part in helping me pass my Security+ exam my first try. My company pays for a Pluralsight membership but I liked your format more.
Nick Stanovic Cybr Testimonial
Nick Stanovic
Cybersecurity Analyst

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