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Christophe September 6, 2021

Hey! I’m Christophe Limpalair, and I’m not the author of this course! That’s right, in our first-ever co-authored course, I partnered with Alden Chevez to bring you this networking course.

The reason for co-authoring is because I’m not the networking expert — he is.

Alden was born and raised in Nicaragua and is now living in California. He has over 10 years of experience in IT, working in different positions, from tech support, network engineer, and sales engineering. Right now he works as a Professional Services Consultant for a leading cyber security company. He decided to create this course to help those that are thinking about a career change, those who are starting out in IT/cybersecurity, or those that are just curious about networking.

So while I did contribute some content because I do have some networking experience, Alden wrote the bulk of this course, and I’m going to be the presenter and narrator throughout the course. That way, we get to tap into his networking expertise, while also leaning on my experience in delivering online training.

If we haven’t met before, I’m the founder of Cybr, an online cybersecurity community with training resources, and I’ve authored multiple cybersecurity and cloud courses, ebooks, and online tutorials over the past few years.

I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses build IT skills and get certified. Whenever I’m not creating content, I’m usually helping people in our community, or I’m bug bounty hunting.

Both Alden and I would love to hear your feedback as we’re always looking to improve our training and we directly implement feedback in our existing and upcoming courses.

So don’t hesitate to reach out either on Discord or our Cybr forums if you need help or have any feedback, and both Alden and I will be available to help you out!

Thanks for watching and let’s get started with the course!


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