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  • How long is the CompTIA Security+ certification good for?

    Posted by Christophe on January 12, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Once you take and pass the CompTIA Security+, your certification is valid for 3 years starting from the date that you passed. However, before it expires, you have a couple of options to renew your certificate:

    1. Re-take the certification exam, or
    2. Renew via Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    Re-take the certification exam

    This is arguably the hardest and least enjoyable path to renewing, so most people don’t go this route. But it is available. If you choose to go this path, keep in mind that you will likely have to renew via a different version of the exam. For example, people who got the Security+ 501 would now be renewing with the 601 version. More on versions and expirations here.

    Renew via CEUs

    The most common approach to renewing your CompTIA certificates, including the Security+, is via Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The reason is because this avoids having to study for and sit through another exam.

    Instead, you can earn CEUs by: earning other certifications (ie: the Network+, Pentest+, non-CompTIA certs, etc…), sitting through training courses, webinars, workshops, etc… or even authoring articles, white papers, blog posts, books, or other job-related activities.

    Once you earn enough CEUs, you can submit them. Assuming you have enough and that they get accepted, your Security+ certification validity will be extended.

    For more information on how to renew via the Continuing Education (CE) program, go here.

    To study for and pass your CompTIA Security+ exam, check out our course and practice exams.

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