How to set up and use a WiFi Deauther workshop (Spacehuhn Tech on ESP8266)

Set up and use a WiFi Deauther (Spacehuhn Tech on ESP8266)

A WiFi deauther is used to de-authenticate devices from their WiFi networks for security research, pentesting, and educational purposes. They’re also just all around super cool devices to play around with. So much so that I may have built a few…

My “little” collection of deauthers

To share what I’ve learned working with WiFi deauthers, I held a live workshop in the Cybr Discord Community for members to attend and engage as I showed them how to:

  1. Upload Spacehuhn Tech code to the ESP8266 board
  2. Connect to the deauther GUI
  3. Launch an attack
  4. Watch a mobile device disconnect within seconds

The best part? It’s simple, fast, and you can do all of this for less than $10. If that sounds interesting, check out workshop recording and set up your own WiFi Deauther:

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