Cybr Becomes Newest NYU Cybersecurity Industry Partner

We have exciting news to share! Cybr is now an official cybersecurity industry partner of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering’s Cyber Fellows program! 

What a cool way to kick off Cybersecurity Career Awareness week!

What does this mean exactly?

NYU Cybersecurity Industry Partners provide cybersecurity courses and materials to supplement NYU’s existing Cybersecurity degree programs and curriculums.

Industry Partner courses aren’t required to complete NYU Cybersecurity programs. Partner courses are viewed by Program Coordinators and Professors as supplemental instruction that cybersecurity students can benefit from taking. Students invest time outside of course requirements, take supplemental training, then receive a co-branded badge as evidence of course completion and skill-building.

NYU Cybersecurity students can now take our Introduction to Application Security course and obtain our co-branded course badge. Once they complete the course, NYU Cyber students will be encouraged to complete our newest course on another super important Application Security topic!

That’s right. A NEW COURSE IS COMING SOON! It’s a secret – for now! Curious? If so, send us your email address and you’ll be among the first to know when it’s ready. Keep an eye out for our new course announcement on November 24th.

Why NYU Tandon’s Cybersecurity Program?

Wondering what’s so special about this particular Cybersecurity degree program? I’ll tell you! NYU Tandon’s Cybersecurity program has recently been recognized as one of the Top 5 Cybersecurity Master’s Programs by CSO, and is well-known for offering affordable online cybersecurity programs.

NYU Tandon Online is ranked #5 in “Best Online Master’s in Computer Information Technology Programs” for 2020 and has repeatedly ranked as one of the “Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs” by U.S. News & World Report.   

The NYU Cyber Fellows program – in collaboration with New York City Cyber Command (NYC3) – is spearheading a joint initiative to develop highly skilled technical graduates ready to step into the growing cybersecurity gap in NYC and throughout the nation. 

  • NYU Tandon has a distinguished history of research and education in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Classes are taught by internationally known experts.
  • Designated as an NSA Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations and Cyber Defense Research.
  • Curriculum meets the National Training Standards set by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).

The NYU Cyber Fellows program benefits from the guidance of an industry-leading Advisory Council. The Advisory Board is comprised of experienced leaders from industry, the public sector, and academia, who provide valuable insights and recommendations to NYU Tandon Online. They’re engaged to help advance the education, learning outcomes, and workforce readiness of cyber security masters students.

They’ve also built a remotely accessible virtual laboratory called VITAL, which serves as a shared, central facility for a consortium of universities in New York City.

If you’re considering a degree in Cybersecurity, check out NYU online!

NYU Tandon’s Cybersecurity degree programs incorporate regular interactions with experts through industry and government partnerships, expert faculty, a virtual lab, multiple cyber events, and other real-world opportunities to get hands-on with cybersecurity technologies through its online program.

They offer the following programs:

  • NYU Tandon’s NYU Cyber Fellows program is an affordable part-time online MS in Cybersecurity in partnership with New York City Cyber Command, with a curriculum designed in cooperation with elite corporate partners. It offers scholarships of as much as 75% of tuition to U.S. residents.
  • If you come from a non-engineering background, NYU has created the NYU Tandon Bridge program, which is 100% online. If you have a degree in liberal arts or similar and you are looking to transition into technical cybersecurity role, this program will provide you with the tools needed to upgrade your math, science or engineering knowledge needed to qualify for a cybersec master’s program.
  • The M.S. in Cybersecurity at NYU Tandon is a two-year, 30-credit program, offered on-campus, online, or blended. 

To ensure their students are well prepared and connected, NYU also offers the following services:

Don’t miss NYU’s Cybersec Lecture Series!

This lecture series is awesome and FREE FOR ALL of us!

I just watched Lecture 1 and it was eye-opening! It’s called Cyberspace Allies – How Public / Private Partnerships Can Fight Back. The talk was given by Distinguished Lecturer: Marcus H. Sachs, Vice President of Government Affairs, National Security Policy, Verizon Communications.

Check out these 10 FREE Cybersecurity Lectures!

Here’s the SCARY PART! I listened to half of this this lecture and learned a lot that I didn’t know before realizing that this talk was given in 2012. I repeat…2012…and it was completely worth my time to watch it today as we approach the year 2021. He could literally give this same talk today and it would be relevant to us all!

Anyone considering a career in cybersecurity should hear this talk. It could alter your perception of the importance of what you are looking to do with your life!

Let us know what you think!

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