The hacking video YouTube doesn’t want you to see

YouTube taking down Cybr video

TL;DR: YouTube took down some of our videos, and while we think that it’s an isolated and misguided incident, they can do whatever they want with their platform, so they could end up shutting down our channel. If you’re interested in watching our free content, I’d do so sooner rather than later.

I also have a theory that they’re OK with taking down our videos because we’re a smaller channel. Channels in this space with 50k+ subscribers are posting similar types of content and their content isn’t getting taken down…so please subscribe and share the channel with your friends and help us grow so we can fight back 🙂

What happened

I was making myself a delicious cup of coffee when I received the dreaded email…”Your content violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines and has been removed

While they say ‘we may allow […] educational or documentary in nature‘ I don’t think we could have made the intent of the video being harmless any clearer:

So while we’ve appealed this decision, there’s a chance that the appeal will get denied, and that more of our videos will suffer the same fate. The problem is, you can only get so many of your videos removed before they disable your channel entirely.

It’s really unfortunate that our industry gets met with so much hostility. Yes, there are some people out there who are picking up these skills to do harm, but let’s not forget that the vast majority of us are trying to help. Getting met with this type of hostility just generates frustration and perpetuates the cycle that creates a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Training needs to be far more accessible, not less accessible!

With that, it’s our full intention to keep using YouTube until/unless they prevent us from doing so. We believe in making cybersecurity training as accessible as possible. If they want to take us down for that, so be it — we’ll find an alternative ;). In case we do get taken down, be sure to have an account registered on Cybr in addition to being subscribed on YouTube, and join our Discord community. That way we can stay in touch, and we can keep sharing free content, regardless of what happens!

Thanks for your continued support <3

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  1. YouTube is nothing but corporate nonsense these days, and they are promoting vids from corporations and slowly killing smaller creators. Your work should be on this platform or Udemy to teach ethical hackers how to hack correctly and stay within legal limits.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s hard for content creators to gain traction without relying on these massive platforms and building a brand there first. Thank you for helping share and engaging. People like you help us grow!!