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  • Shawna

    June 16, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    This image sums it all up! We see posts asking “which certifications to get” on a daily basis across every online cybersecurity community out there! Well… here’s your answer!

    The Cyber Security Hub recently shared this succint summary of which are relevant to you based on….

    • Operational / Organizational areas of Cybersecurity
    • The functional job areas within them [i.e. Incident Handling, Pen Testing, etc.]
    • Your level of expertise in those operational and functional areas

    This provides us with a great “big picture” view of WHERE TO FOCUS FIRST [based on your interest and experience levels] and where to focus as part of your continuous development and credentialization efforts. TELL US… WHERE YOU ARE CURRENTLY FOCUSED!

    Cybersecurity Certification Roadmap


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