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  • TELL US: How Can We Make Learning More Fun & Effective For You?

    Posted by Shawna on June 14, 2020 at 6:20 am

    This discussion feed exists for you to share your ideas and suggestions about things we can do to increase the value our members get from engaging with in this community. What more can offer enable the success of our community members?

    Suggestions could include…

    • Rewards & Recognition for Content Contributions – You Give, You Get!
    • Fun Ideas to help Increase Community Member Engagement
    • Fun ideas to help gamify our Community Interactions
    • Community Contest Ideas
    • Fun Cybr Swag Ideas [i.e. t-shirts, stickers, etc.]
    • Online locations where we should be looking New Members
    • Thoughts on fun ways to encourage Community Members to “contribute content” to the community [i.e. teach a few lessons, create How-To videos and guides, create checklists and cheatsheets, contribute practice quiz questions, etc.]
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