Welcome to the Cybr Community!

Welcome Cyber Seekers!  We’re excited that you’ve joined our newly formed Cybr community comprised of cybersecurity enthusiasts, students, educators and professionals!  We’re on a mission to build a diverse community of collaborators who derive personal satisfaction from helping others succeed!  We need members who want to share their insights, knowledge and experience in Cybersecurity, IT Security and Application/Data Security with fellow IT professionals, IT students and IT educators, and who are able to help “get the conversation started” and “keep the conversations going”.    

We want to create a helpful and supportive community that meets you where you are in your cybersecurity learning journey to provide the inspiration, information, encouragement and support that you need to reach your next goal!  Our goal is to make learning cybersecurity simple [and less scary] for everyone!  But building and learning something new is always more fun with friends, so we’re hoping you’ll join us on this journey to discover and create a simpler cybersecurity learning experience.

Here’s some important information regarding this community: 

Get Engaged!  Do you have a question or something to share, but you’re unsure where to post or where to find the information you’re looking for? Here’s a quick rundown of our current discussion boards and the scope of content you could share or find in each one:

  • Welcome & IntroductionsIntroduce yourself, learn about the community [and other members], and keep up to date with changes to the community!  This is where we learn how to best support you, where you can contribute and what you need from us to help you succeed.  More context is better! 
  • Let’s Talk! Discussion BoardsWe’ve created a variety of forums and sub-forums to help facilitate conversation, data sharing and community collaboration between existing and aspiring cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, IT educators and IT students.  We encourage EVERYONE to get engaged. Exchange ideas, share your knowledge about cybersecurity topics, trends, careers, tasks, products, certifications and more. Expand your cybersec network!   
    • Career & CertificationsHave Career or Certification related guidance, experiences, information or recommendations? Share!
    • Industry NewsPost and discuss the latest in cyber news.
    • Course Discussions – Course-related discussions, questions and project info will be shared in the respective course forum.
    • Cybersecurity Topics – Want to chat about something other than courses and certifications? This is the place to do it!  Share general thoughts, questions or concerns, and resources on Cybersecurity, IT Security, Application Security, Cloud Security or other related topics of interest with fellow members here.
    • Content & Feature Requests – We’re a new community, so we’re still in building mode! This means, you may not find everything you’re looking for just yet!  But, don’t fret! We’re adding new content daily and hope to have what you need soon! Let us know what’s missing, what you need to succeed and what content, activities or features would provide the most value to you.

IMPORTANT: Right now, we’re hyper-focused on building out a few additional Community Resources over the coming weeks. We’d appreciate your input  if you are interested in contributing!  Please let us know if you have something to contribute by creating a new post in the General Chat.

Have suggestions, questions or concerns for our Cybr Community founders or coordinators? You can post those to the
Member Support forum or submit a private message!

Let’s build a better community…together!  

Christophe & Shawna

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