SQL Injection Attacks

This free ebook covers the topics reviewed in our course. It explores one of the biggest risks facing web applications today: SQL injections. Think of this as your reference guide that includes concepts to understand, attacks you can perform in safe & legal environments, and defense controls you can implement for your network, applications, and databases.

SQL Injection Attacks Ebook

You'll learn

Core Concepts

Learn core concepts of SQL injections and how they work

Set up Pentesting Environments

Use free tools to set up and configure modern pentesting environments

Attack apps with SQL Injections

Perform SQL injections by hand and using automated tools to completely compromise databases and apps

Defense Techniques

Review vulnerable code and learn defense techniques at the Network, App, and Database layers

SQL Injection Attacks Table of Contents
SQL Injection Attacks Example

What's inside?

Ebook chapters include:

Includes hands-on penetration testing practice tutorials, demonstrations, and instructions to help you learn in a safe, yet realistic environment!

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Author spotlight

Christophe Limpalair

After learning first-hand why Application Security was important in his early teens, Christophe spent a number of years training individuals and organizations (SMB & F500) on how to use cloud services efficiently. After his journey of building two successful IT businesses to acquisition in the last six years, he realized that most also struggle with building secure software, so he co-founded Cybr and wrote this ebook as well as a corresponding course to help make the world a more secure place.