Introduction to AWS Security

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Introduction to AWS Security

Learn how to protect your AWS cloud environments and resources

Start your journey of becoming an expert in protecting your cloud resources with our interactive training course

Learn AWS Security Hands-On

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  • Interactive Diagrams
  • Scenario-Based Challenge Labs
  • Hands-On Demos
  • Video and written lessons
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  • Downloadable ebook version of the course
  • Interactive Diagrams
  • Scenario-Based Demo Labs
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What you get with this course

AWS Diagram Split Screen (similar to Orion Papers)

Interactive Diagrams

Scenario-Based Challenge Labs

Hands-On Demos

Video & Text Lessons

Cybr videos and text-based lessons

Learn with Interactive Lessons & Hands-On Demos

Training for AWS Organizations Organizational Units (OUs)

Meet the Authors

Community and Support

Discord community for learning AWS Security

...more content being added every week until complete!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The course is a full-featured online course with guided videos and written lessons as well as interactive diagrams and scenario-based labs. The ebook is the same content without the guided video lessons, and it can be downloaded offline. The bundle offers all of it in one purchase and at a discount!

Yes! Interact as little or as much as you’d like with other students taking the same course. We have a Discord community and our Forums.

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