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Pentesting AWS Environments with Pacu, CloudGoat, and ChatGPT

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  1. Introduction

    About the course and author
  2. About using CloudGoat, Pacu, and ChatGPT
  3. Who this course is for
  4. Important quick note on AWS resource pricing
  5. [LAB] Create a billing alert to avoid surprise bills
  6. We want your feedback
  7. Setting up our lab environment
    Read this before installing Pacu/CloudGoat!
  8. [DEMO] Pacu [Option #1] Install with pip [Recommended]
  9. [DEMO] Pacu [Option #2] Use with Docker
  10. [DEMO] CloudGoat [Option #1] Install with Git
  11. [DEMO] CloudGoat [Option #2] Running with Docker
  12. [DEMO] Configuring AWS access credentials for CloudGoat
  13. [DEMO] Configuring AWS access credentials
  14. Getting started with Pacu
    Pacu Quick Start Guide
  15. IAM Privilege Escalation by Misconfiguration (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  16. [DEMO] Admin privilege escalation demonstration
  17. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  18. Vulnerable Lambda (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  19. [DEMO] Creating our lab environment
  20. [DEMO] Exploiting vulnerable Lambda functions for admin access
  21. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  22. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  23. IAM Privilege Escalation by Rollback (Small / Easy)
    Scenario overview
  24. [DEMO] Exploiting IAM versions
  25. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  26. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  27. [LAB] [CTF] PrivEsc via IAM Version Rollback
  28. Cloud Breach via S3 (Small / Moderate)
    Scenario walkthrough
  29. [LAB] [DEMO] Exploiting EC2 to reach S3
  30. Preventing this exploit
  31. Cleaning up our lab environment
  32. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  33. ECS Takeover (Medium / Moderate)
    Scenario walkthrough
  34. [DEMO] ECS RCE exploit to get credentials
  35. [DEMO] ECS Takeover
  36. [DEMO] Cleaning up our lab environment
  37. [Cheat Sheet] Solution steps (CLI)
  38. Wrap-up and Key Takeaways
    What's next?
  39. We want your feedback
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[DEMO] CI/CD Exploit

Christophe August 27, 2023


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