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  • Christophe

    January 8, 2022 at 4:45 am

    Hi @Margarita , this is a really good question. The only long-term answer to this, I think, is practice and repetition. At the end of the day, my courses are designed to help you get started, and then you need to take what you’ve learned and apply it on your own. By doing that, you’ll run into issues and frustrations. Keep working through those, and as you find answers, you’ll not only build confidence, but you’ll also learn so much more!

    If you do plan on sticking in the web application security and/or ethical hacking area, I’d highly recommend that you spend some time learning web development. It’s going to be super helpful when you’re trying to find vulnerabilities, because you’ll understand certain things that you wouldn’t otherwise learn. You’ll also be able to think like a developer, which can be really helpful in finding security bugs.

    I hope this helps clarify, but if not, please let me know and I’ll try a different approach! Thank you also for the great question.