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Let's build secure apps

Most of us aren’t taught security when learning how to build apps. Let’s change that, and make our applications more secure one lesson at a time.

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Application Security (AppSec) Engineer

What's it take to become an AppSec Engineer?


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Request Forgeries for the Security+

Request forgeries (CSRF, XSRF, SSRF)

In 2020, CheckPoint Research announced multiple vulnerabilities in the popular social media application named TikTok. One of the found vulnerabilities allowed an attacker to delete

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Directory / Path traversal for the Security+

Directory / Path Traversal

Just like you have directories on your PC, laptop, and mobile phones, web servers also have directories. For example, if you were to purchase web

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Reverse and Forward Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are a topic that you can expect to get quizzed on in the CompTIA Security+ exam. To make sure you can answer questions

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Build more secure software with this ebook created from our course material.

Learn hands-on about one of the biggest risks facing web applications today

Learn what XSS is, how it works, how to find vulnerabilities in your applications, and how to fix those vulnerabilities.


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